1-hour Introductory Seminar

In this hour, you will learn about the controls of the motorcycle and other basic elements of motorcycles and riding. Then you will saddle up, fire it up and even learn how to ride in 1st gear if you desire, (maybe 2nd if you are comfortable) in a safe and controlled environment closely supervised by an experienced rider coach. During this one hour, we will get you feeling comfortable on the bike and help you build up your confidence.

What you will need for this training:

  • Helmet (you probably don't have one yet, but we do, no worries!)

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Leather boots that protect your ankles

  • Shatter proof glasses, googles (again, we have these on hand if you don't)

  • Willingness to learn 

  • An open mind

You will be riding a Suzuki GZ250 (pictured), which is a very low powered and easy to control motorcycle. 

At the end of the hour, you will know for sure if you’ve got the bug for riding or not and are interested in continuing to work with us, eventually taking the motorcycle safety course, and learning how to ride for real!

The cost for this one time, 1-hour seminar is $25.

If at the end of the hour, you decide to sign up for one of our other courses, you will receive a $25 credit towards the cost of that course, making this 1 hour session completely FREE!

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