Group of a bikers on the highway between

Introduction to Group Riding

Once you feel comfortable and confident riding solo, you are ready to learn the protocols and nuances of riding with a group.  Why do motorcyclists ride in a group, you ask? As you already know, the feeling of riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, as you feel the open air on your face and the sense of freedom, and while you enjoy the beautiful sights of the mountains, countryside, ocean, or whatever beautiful place you are currently riding. But what better way to experience all this than with your fellow wind sisters and brothers? The very people who you create bonds with that become like family. Riding together allows you to feel the camaraderie and enjoyed shared experiences, forming new friendships and making amazing memories that become stories that you can share for years to come. Riding is awesome, but there are times when riding is not so awesome. For example, if you get caught in the pouring rain, or get a flat tire, or are riding in the freezing cold when it wasn’t supposed to be so cold. In the moment, these experiences down right suck! It’s true! But some of my best riding memories and stories all come from the riders that maybe weren’t so much fun at the time, but having shared the experience with someone else, allows you to talk about it and laugh about it for years to come.

And of course, there are plenty of great times to share together. Like the time I took a group of Carolina Cruzin’ ladies on a guided tour to the mountains, and we stopped at a place I knew for Lunch in Boone. But when we got there, the dinning room was closed because of Covid-19, and it was drive-thru only. Well, we were on motorcycles, so it was a little hard to drive through, but one of the employees suggested we walk through the drive-thru, and we did just that. And what a laugh we had and gave to the other cars around us. Fun times like that just can’t happen and be shared when you are riding alone.

And of course, if group riding is not your thing and you enjoy flying solo, that is totally your right to decide that and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that decision.

But if you are interested, and when you are ready, Carolina Cruzin’ offers this great Intro to Group Riding course to help you get started.

In this class, you will learn about the pre-ride meeting, group riding protocol, like riding in staggered formation and the rules associated with it for safe riding as a group, as well as protocols for passing other vehicles, what to do when you get separated and using hand signals to communicate during the ride, as well as common group riding etiquette.

Once you ride a time or two in one of my group riding classes, you will be ready to come along on one of my 1 day guided tours, and maybe even feel ready to come along on a 1 night or 2 night guided tour.

You won’t know until you try, but this class will get you off to a great start at getting you comfortable riding in a group setting.


What you will need for this training:

  • Helmet 

  • Your motorcycle permit or endorsement

  • Prior riding experience as a solo rider

  • Street legal motorcycle

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Leather boots that protect your ankles

  • Shatter proof glasses, googles, or face shield on your helmet.

  • Gloves (optional)

View class schedules and register here. The months that this class if offered, you will see the full calendar with the available class date marked in bold. You will see the class start time once you click on your preferred date.