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Intro to Slow Maneuvering

Learning how to slow maneuver is important because it is the foundational skill of being a confident rider. These skills come in handy when riding in a parking lot, pulling into a gas station, or having to pull around the pump, making a u-turn, riding slow in traffic or as part of a big charity ride, and many other situations. Slow maneuvering isn’t just practiced for the sake of learning how to ride slow, but learning how to slow maneuver is the foundational skill for every other skill, even at high speeds, that you will need to master to become a truly confident and proficient rider. Taking time to practice slow riding skills will ensure that those skills will be there when you need them and when you least expect having to use them.

In this 3 hour course, the first thing you will learn how to do is pick up a fallen motorcycle. One of the reasons riders don’t try new techniques is not just the fear of falling over, but more often they fear dropping the bike and no one being around to help them pick it up. Anyone can pick up any bike by themselves. In this class, you will learn how.

Then we will move on to teaching proper technique to master slow maneuvering; head and eye position, proper use of the friction zone and the rear brake. Before you can master anything, as far as slow maneuvering, you must become a master of these foundational techniques which you will learn and build on, and have ample opportunity to practice in this class running through various slow maneuvering cones courses that will challenge you and help you improve your slow riding skills so you don’t have to fear dropping your motorcycle any longer. And if you do, it will be no big deal, because you will know how to pick it up.



What you will need for this training:

  • Motorcycle Permit or Endorsement

  • Helmet

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Shoes or boots that cover your ankle

  • Shatter proof glasses or face shield on your helmet.

  • Gloves (optional)

  • Willingness

  • Determination

  • An open mind

View class schedules and register here. The months that this class if offered, you will see the full calendar with the available class date marked in bold. You will see the class start time once you click on your preferred date.