8 hour total novice training

This is a private, one on one training course with an experienced instructor.

What you will need for this training:

  • Helmet (If you don't have one, we do)

  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

  • Long pants

  • Leather boots that protect your ankles

  • Shatter proof glasses, googles, or face shield on your helmet.

  • Willingness

  • An open mind

During this training, you will be riding our Suzuki GZ250, which is light weight and easily maneuverable. If you have been riding and just want to further develop your skills and already have a motorcycle endorsement, you are welcome to use your own bike for these training sessions.

The course is a total of 8 hours and can either be done over one weekend (4 hour Saturday & 4 hours Sunday) or can be done over the course of 4 weekends (Four 2-hour lessons once a week with flexible scheduling options. Weekends only during fall and winter months). During the course of this training, you will ride in a safe, controlled environment like a parking lot and eventually, a quiet neighborhood with zero to little traffic, closely supervised.

By the end of this training, you will gain the skills and the confidence you need to get prepared for riding at faster speeds and advance you to the Street Smart Course level of riding, where you will learn to ride in traffic situations while maintaining full control.

This course will include about 1-1.5 hours of discussion and video lessons on motorcycling, safety considerations and riding techniques, and 6 hours of riding.

In this 8 hour course, you will learn:

•Developing the right attitude and proper mindset for riding

•The mental and physical demands

•The motorcycle controls

•Proper mounting and dismounting

•Learning the clutch/throttle friction zone

•How to start and stop

•Shifting gears (shifting up and down shifting)

•Turning (in-motion and from a full stop)

This class is offered by the hour, with a minimum of a 2-hour session.  You can choose how many hours and how many sessions you would like to complete in total.

Cost for this 8-hour course - $400

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